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viac značky CULT NEVER DIE

kniha Cult Never dies: The Mega zine (signed)

Kniha je v anglickom jazyku.


268 page book. Published in late 2016 by Cult Never Dies. Written by Dayal Patterson with guest writer Frank Allain.

Features exclusive interviews with: MYSTICUM • BAL-Sagoth • IN THE WOODS ... • REVEREND BIZARRE • INDESINENCE • NAHTRUNAR • SLEGEST • Scythian • LYCHGATE • MORK • ANCIENT • JON Kristiansen / HEAD NOT FOUND Records • Black metal photographer ESTER SeGarra • Illustrator GARETH EL LIOTT

"We had the pleasure to meet Dayal in person in London march 2016, where we had a fantastic conversation and interview Lasting over two hours. It soon became very clear that this was interviewing on a completely different level. His knowledge on the black metal scene and its history is without comparison. Highly Recomended to anyone looking for more depth and insight than any other media is capable to offer. "
Anders kobra (IN THE WOODS ...)

"The laTest in the excellent Cult Never Dies series by human metal encyclopaedia Dayal Patterson is packed with in-depth interviews with Subterranean metal Luminaries like cult Finnish doom figure Albert Witchfinder, British thrash Fiends Scythian and notable black metal photographer Ester SeGarra. As ever, even non-fans will be fascinated by the tales and insights brought out of its subjects. And as a guide to the very cream of Shadowy metal, Dayal once again preved himSelf Peerless. "
Nick Ruskell 4/5 (Witchsorrow / Kerrang!)

"Pretty much what the title suggests, it is a Mega Zine: mega in size (a whopping 268 pages!) And zine by nature ... Dayal Patterson knows his trade: he has the ancient art of interviewing down to a science ... Each and every interview is more a conversation than an Interrogation, and most of them work exceedingly well: the REVEREND BIZARRE and MYSTICUM interviews are among the best Aj have ever read, digging to the core of it all and touching on subjects far greater than the music of a band. Metalion of SLAYER MAG gets to speak up as well again, this time about HEAD NOT FOUND, his label back in the days - something that Hardly ever got discussed. Another interview that really Nailed it was the one with NAHTRUNAR: a band from my own country that I had never even heard about. And hey, is not that what a zine should be all about - introducing you to the new good shit? Well done, sir, well done! ... this is a great book. Or zine. Or Mega Zine. You name it.
Thomas Reitmayer (Voices From The Darkside)

"Aj give my respect to Dayal Patterson. For his true work, genuine interest and knowledge of the art, Black Metal. Hails for keeping it real! "
Herr General Cerastes (MYSTICUM)

"In the tumultuous and Protean world of music journalism it 's rare to find publications conceived and Executed with genuine insight into extreme metal' s Myriad sub-genres and the bands which embody them. Dayal Patterson 's Cult Never Dies: The Mega Zine is truly one of those rare gems; a collection of perspicacious and INCISIVI interviews which will Captivate and Enlighten the reader, affording an unparalleled glimpse into the mindsets of the artists interrogated within its pages. The Bal-Sagoth chapter alone represents what is undeniably one of the most comprehensive and meticuLously thorough interviews Aj'Ve Answered in more than twenty years. "
Byron Roberts (BAL-Sagoth)

"As a fan of the 'Cult Never Dies' books Aj have always been fascinated by how Dayal Patterson brings depth and insight to the acts featured. If the story of Slegest should be told, I can not think of any better place to do it than here. "


viac značky: CULT NEVER DIE
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